Fascinating Detailed Summary Of The Gu Kailai Saga, As Presented At Trial

Screenshot via MSNBC
Donald C. Clarke, professor of law at George Washington University, recently translated an account of the Gu Kailai trial and posted it on his website, Chinese Law Prof Blog. The account was written in Chinese by Zhao Xiangcha, titled, “A Record of my Observation of the Murder Trial of BoGu Kailai and Zhang Xiaojun.” Zhao notes... Read more »

Just Like That, Gu Kailai’s Trial For The Murder Of Neil Heywood Is Over

Gu Kailai and Bo Xilai
If you were counting, the “trial” lasted all of a few hours, ending just now with Gu Kailai not contesting the charge that she murdered British businessman Neil Heywood. So much for transparency of law. Did we learn anything from this process? Gu was never going to win their game, so she didn’t play. A date... Read more »