Here’s Footage Of The Primary-School Attacker That Injured 22 Children In Guangshan

Guangshan knife attack featured image
Surveillance footage has just surfaced of the knife attack in Guangshan county on December 14 that injured 23 22 children (plus one adult). Min Yongjun, said to have been affected by doomsday rumors, burst into a Chenpeng village elementary school on Friday and began indiscriminately hacking and slashing with his kitchen knife. He also stabbed an elderly woman. All of the victims survived.

Response To China’s School Attack: Everyone Has Been Fired [UPDATE]

Guangshan bloody shirt
It seemed very few netizens were happy with China’s response to Friday’s slashing at a Guangshan county primary school that injured 23 children, but now we know exactly how officials feel about it: everyone involved, basically, has been fired. Via Morning Whistle: Six local officials who are responsible for the attack has been removed on Monday, including... Read more »

Newtown And Guangshan: No One Is Happy With Their Government’s Response

Knife-wielding man kills 22
The attacks happened on opposite sides of the globe, but they’re still being viewed relative to one another. The conversation was initially about weapons, with the US getting called to task. (Some are still unhappy that President Barack Obama only alluded to gun control without saying it outright in his moving speech yesterday in Newtown, Connecticut.)... Read more »