Ye Haiyan Has Sparked China’s Latest Meme: “Principals, Spare The School Kids, Get A Hotel Room With Me Instead!”

Ye Haiyan Principals, spare the school kids, get a hotel room with me instead
A spate of stories about schoolmasters sexually abusing their pupils in China has caused public outrage, and at least one activist has done something to capture the mood. She nailed it on the head, judging by the authorities' reaction to her -- namely, beating her up. Ye Haiyan, on May 27 outside Wanning primary school in Hainan province, held a sign that read, "Principals, spare the school kids, get a hotel room with me instead!"

Neil Robinson Has Been Captured In Beijing, Will Be Handed Over To UK Police [UPDATE]

Neil Robinson captured in Beijing
Neil Robinson, 47, of Staines in Surrey, England, who has been wanted since 2002 for the distribution of underage porn and child rape, was detained by Beijing police early yesterday, according to Beijing News (which proceeds to ask many of the questions we've posed, and calls for increased background checks on foreign teachers).

Neil Robinson, That Alleged English-Teaching Rapist Fucker

Neil Robinson, alleged child rapist, teaching kids in Beijing
This fuckface. This fucking piece of shit is the new frog-eyed creepy rapist avatar for every foreign English teacher in China. I fucking hate him. As a reformed Catholic, I reserve vast reservoirs of contempt and genuine vitriol for authority figures who abuse their power at the expense of children. With all of my private and... Read more »

A High School In Beijing Employed An Alleged Child Rapist Who Is Still At Large [UPDATE]

Neil Robinson pedophile in China
Neil Robinson is wanted by the Surrey police “in connection with the distribution of indecent images of children and the rape of a child,” according to BBC’s Crimewatch. This bit of info was posted to Reddit China by user gaiushe yesterday, who claims he has known Robinson for the past five years and is certain that he... Read more »

Four killed and at least 18 injured after “stampede” in Hubei elementary school

The East is Read
At 6:15 am, what’s being described as a stampede broke out at Qinji elementary school in Xuej township in Laohekou, a county-level city in Xiangyang, Hubei province. The accident was caused by a dormitory gate collapsing, according to one report. Another article from China News Service says students were on their way to morning exercises when they... Read more »

People Are Now Coping With Beijing’s Pollution By Building Giant Domes

Pollution dome
An international school in Beijing has built two “pollution domes” to protect their students during physical activity. A Financial Times article describes these domes as “giant pressurised canopies that can cover sports fields, playgrounds or tennis courts” — specifically, at the International School of Beijing, it covers six tennis courts, a track, a miniature soccer... Read more »

Heroic Principal Stabbed To Death Trying To Protect His Students

Hunan principal sacrifice 1
Evil exists: primeval notions of violence, vengeance, as impossible to stamp out as the biological markers in our DNA that shape us as the wonderful and pathetic creatures we are. Yet out of every reprehensible, sinister act, we are simultaneously given the chance for redemption: an opportunity for a correlating heroic measure. Since the dawn... Read more »

Father Of Murdered Daughter Upset With Court Ruling Runs Down 23 Middle School Students

The East is Read
On Monday, a father upset over a court’s decision to not give the death sentence to four men who murdered his daughter took his anger out on middle school students on lunch break. Yin Tiejun, 48, drove a car laden with firecrackers into Fengning No. 1 Middle School in Fengning, Hebei province around noon. Xinhua has the... Read more »

Another School Attack: 23-Year-Old Anhui Student Murders Classmate With Hatchet

Ax murder Anhui
Details are sparse, but around 7:45 am today, according to Xinhua, a student surnamed Hu killed a classmate, surnamed Tan, on the sixth-floor library of Anhui Medical University. Another article speculates that the incident was instigated by either a dispute over a seat or an “emotional dispute.” According to one eyewitness, Hu and Tan had chatted... Read more »

Here’s Footage Of The Primary-School Attacker That Injured 22 Children In Guangshan

Guangshan knife attack featured image
Surveillance footage has just surfaced of the knife attack in Guangshan county on December 14 that injured 23 22 children (plus one adult). Min Yongjun, said to have been affected by doomsday rumors, burst into a Chenpeng village elementary school on Friday and began indiscriminately hacking and slashing with his kitchen knife. He also stabbed an elderly woman. All of the victims survived.

Response To China’s School Attack: Everyone Has Been Fired [UPDATE]

Guangshan bloody shirt
It seemed very few netizens were happy with China’s response to Friday’s slashing at a Guangshan county primary school that injured 23 children, but now we know exactly how officials feel about it: everyone involved, basically, has been fired. Via Morning Whistle: Six local officials who are responsible for the attack has been removed on Monday, including... Read more »

Newtown And Guangshan: No One Is Happy With Their Government’s Response

Knife-wielding man kills 22
The attacks happened on opposite sides of the globe, but they’re still being viewed relative to one another. The conversation was initially about weapons, with the US getting called to task. (Some are still unhappy that President Barack Obama only alluded to gun control without saying it outright in his moving speech yesterday in Newtown, Connecticut.)... Read more »

In China, Obama’s Address On The Newtown Shooting Has Already Been Viewed Nearly 1 Million Times

It’s time to talk about it. Start here, with The New Yorker’s Evan Osnos: As an American overseas for the last ten years, I’ve watched as other countries struggle with the curious fact that the most prosperous, successful, and emulated civilization the world has ever seen lives with the certainty that every few months one... Read more »

Child Abuse At Another Kindergarten: Teacher Slaps Three Children, Including A 5-Year-Old 70 Times

Child Abuse At Another Kindergarten Teacher Slaps Three Children, Including A 5-Year-Old 70 Times featured image
The sickening footage of child abuse in a Guangzhou kindergarten earlier this month has itself a sequel. On October 15, a teacher at Blue Sky Mentesuoli Kindergarten, an unlicensed school in Taiyuan, Shanxi province, lost her temper and struck three children, as caught on tape (above, and after the jump on for those in China). One... Read more »