Another Hostage-Taker With Knife Shot Dead In China

Hostage-Taker With Knife Shot Dead In China featured image
In an incident that reminds us of the Beijing hostage-taker that was taken out by a sniper last month, in Guangzhou Railway Station in Guangdong province on Saturday, a man holding a 10-year-old girl was likewise shot by police, and the hostage successfully saved (though not without injury; hearing it described, she got cut as... Read more »

In This Video, We Hear The Beijing Subway Hostage-Taker’s Voice

Beijing subway hostage taker's voice featured image
Yesterday night, a man took a subway security guard hostage for about 70 minutes at Tuanjiehu station on Line 10, and when negotiators failed to get him to release the hostage, a sniper took him out. A lot of the dialogue in this video is unintelligible, but we're pretty sure that at the beginning, the hostage-taker tells everyone nearby, "Don't come any closer."