In This Video, We Hear The Beijing Subway Hostage-Taker’s Voice

Yesterday night, a man took a subway security guard hostage for about 70 minutes at Tuanjiehu station on Line 10, and when negotiators failed to get him to release the hostage, a sniper took him out. A lot of the dialogue in this video is unintelligible, but we’re pretty sure that at the beginning, the hostage-taker tells everyone nearby, “Don’t come any closer.” Starting at the 19-second mark, he says: “I’ll wait half an hour, if I’m too tired to follow you guys (unintelligible)… then don’t blame me.” As he says this last part, he points the knife at his hostage, as if to say: don’t blame me for what happens to her. Just preceding that, one of the negotiators says (14-second mark) a “leader has already agreed (to your terms),” though what those terms are, we don’t know. At the 30-second mark, someone off-camera says, “No one move, no one move.” In the next scene, the man is down on his back — headshot, we’re guessing.

One of my Chinese friends says the man appears to speak with a northeastern accent. The latest news I could find regarding this incident was from a Beijing Evening News article published at 3:42 pm today. The weapon eventually used was apparently a QBU-88 (Type 88) sniper rifle. The man reportedly kept muttering to himself, and according to Beijing Evening News, “his body continuously swayed back and forth, don’t know if out of stress or other unknown reason,” with a gaze that kept drifting. We still don’t know what prompted him to take the woman hostage, or what demands, if any, he made. Youku video for those in China after the jump.

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