Another Hostage-Taker With Knife Shot Dead In China

In an incident that reminds us of the Beijing hostage-taker that was taken out by a sniper last month, in Guangzhou Railway Station in Guangdong province on Saturday, a man holding a 10-year-old girl was likewise shot by police, and the hostage successfully saved (though not without injury; hearing it described, she got cut as the man was going down, creating a very dangerous situation).

According to China Daily:

Police opened fire when they found the hostage’s life was threatened by the suspect, a police officer from Guangzhou bureau of public security said.

“Police negotiators failed to reach an agreement with the suspect on the release of the hostage after hours of negotiation on the scene,” said the officer. But he refused to reveal details about the suspect and the hostage, saying “investigation is still ongoing”.

Here’s a popular video of cops moving into position:

This incident reminds us of another that happened in Guangzhou two years ago. In the video below, a hostage-taker is shot four times at point-blank range by a female plainclothes officer, and the hostage is saved. Of course all of it was filmed and shown on the news:

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