Yi Jianlian Is The Happiest Dunker

Yi Jianlian
The play has obviously been whistled dead, which would explain why Xinjiang’s Von Wafer (No. 12) is walking away from the basket. Nonetheless, we love this picture. Everyone should be as happy as Yi Jianlian while playing sports, to say nothing of soaring above the rim to throw down a one-handed dunk.

The Definitive GIF To Illustrate The Jeremy Lin-James Harden Relationship In Houston

Lin and Harden
Jeremy Lin had a pretty good outing in his Houston Rockets debut on Wednesday, a 105-96 win at Detroit, scoring 12 points with 8 assists and notching a plus/minus of +23. He was overshadowed, however, by another Houston newcomer, James Harden, who played a more or less perfect game: 37 points, 12 assists, 6 rebounds,... Read more »

Jeremy Lin’s KFC China Commercial Is Bright, Happy, And Smiley

Jeremy Lin KFC commercial featured image
Jeremy Lin, you've truly made it. Following in the footsteps of Shaquille O'Neal, Tracy McGrady, et al., Lin is the latest NBA player to film a Chinese commercial. How'd he do in his one-minute spot for KFC, featuring a lot of smiles, more than one spin move, and several dunks? Judge for yourself. I'm pretty upset they didn't fully recreate his game-winning three-pointer vs. the Raptors (he actually shot from the top of the arc!).

Watch: Jeremy Lin Is The Son That Every Asian Dad In America Wishes He Had

Jeremy Lin Is The Son That Every Asian Dad In America Wishes He Had
Asian YouTube sensation Kevin (of channel kevjumba) has a new video, and it features his Instagram-loving, high-expectations Asian dad (PapaJumba), and Jeremy Lin. The real Jeremy Lin, who signed with the Houston Rockets in the offseason and is expected to continue assuming his mantle as the most famous Asian basketball player in the world. The skit nails some stereotypes on the head. Kevin trying to say "I don't know" in Chinese is probably the best part (it's so, so consciously bad!), especially in light of Lin's surprisingly decent Mandarin. I wonder how long he practiced his lines.

Watch: Jeremy Lin In His First TV Commercial, For Volvo

Jeremy Lin In His First TV Commercial, For Volvo
Jeremy Lin was in Taiwan on Saturday for the debut of his first TV commercial, a low-budget production (hey, gotta start somewhere) in which he delivers this line: “No one expected me to be a starter, take game winning shots, or even play in this league. Well, I’m not here to live up to anyone’s expectations, I’m here to live up to mine.”

This Jersey Of Jeremy Lin Is Made Of Fruit Roll-Ups

But how does it taste
Via Buzzfeed‘s Jack Moore, apparently Jeremy Lin expressed his love of Fruit Roll-Ups on February 12 in a tweet. The company was so touched by this — or realized they were touched by it three days later, when Lin did this — that they constructed a replica of his jersey using just their product. That... Read more »

“Awesome Basketball Kid”: The Jeremy Lin Story [UPDATE]

Linsanity Lives
Reports of Linsanity’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. For one, he’s still starting. For another, his inspirational story of hard work, perseverance, and being Asian is coming to the silver screen. This was only a matter of time, wasn’t it? According to China Daily, a Beijing-based culture and media company called Lafeng Entertainment is in preproduction... Read more »

High School Sophomore Chris Tang, Of Chinese Nationality, Is China’s Hope To Become Its Jeremy Lin

Chris Tang as next Jeremy Lin
The above video is of 6-foot-2 (possibly 6-3) guard Chris Tang of Hampton Roads Academy, who was just featured tonight on Beijing Television's show "BTV Talking Sports" (体育议起来) as part of a 20-minute segment on Jeremy Lin. The show's analyst initially seemed taken aback when the anchor introduced a clip of Tang with the phrase, "I don't know if you're familiar with this...," but the analyst recovered nicely and spouted some hackneyed answer I didn't bother remembering.