The 1st Annual Beijing Cream Bar And Club Awards, Where (Almost) No One Is Spared

Beijing Cream Bar and Club Awards
We’ve complained about the snobbishness of Time Out’s food awards, and noted that City Weekend’s attempts to promote its awards can probably do without an Ashley Tisdale soundtrack. Where does that leave us? Ah, yes, the Beijinger. Top dog for nine years, king of Beijing’s nightlife scene, like Hong Xiuquan reigning over Taiping Heavenly Kingdom. Voting is open until... Read more »

The Saddest Restaurant Review Ever (It Involves A Pet’s Death)

Falahfel Arabic Restaurant review on the Beijinger
Sometimes, the food at a restaurant simply sucks. Other times… it kills a patron’s dog? The above review, submitted by the Beijinger user gava, was of Falahfel Arabic Restaurant (阿拉伯餐厅), which, as of this writing, has an average score of 3.9 out of 5 (25 votes), though it’s saddled with accusations of fake reviews. The full text... Read more »

You Can Almost See This Girl’s Nipple

Do you like Westlife? Do you really? Would you travel from Hawaii to Beijing to see Westlife? Is that how much you like Westlife? Are you so much into the whole liking of Westlife that you have a friend who would send an email to an expat magazine’s editor asking for help in arranging a... Read more »