The Top 11 Of 16 Table Tennis Players In The World Are Chinese

Since becoming an Olympic discipline in 1988, China has won 23 of the 27 possible gold medals in ping pong, and it’ll probably be 24 of 28 after tonight when the heavily favored team of Zhang Jike, Wang Hao and Ma Long gets done with Japan South Korea in the men’s team final, which begins at 10:30 pm. This would be the second straight Olympics in which China has won all four ping pong gold medals. Congratulations in advance to the world for trying.

(H/T Alicia)

    4 Responses to “The Top 11 Of 16 Table Tennis Players In The World Are Chinese”

    1. Jess

      Well, that’s just the women’s side. For men, seven out of the top ten are Chinese (including one from Taiwan).

      The South Korea vs. Singapore women’s team bronze medal match was essentially between three Chinese-born players on the Singaporean side, and two Chinese-born players on the Korean side plus one native Korean.

      Ishikawa Kasumi interview; interesting for one particular reason:

      Ah, table tennis~

    2. mypersonalopinion

      but ping pong has to be the lamest sport on earth. What about real sports? zombie apocalypse sports? running, swimming, throwing shit and fighting? these are good sports along with extreme sports. Damn the British for inventing table tennis, damn them all!!!

    3. narsfweasels

      My old history teacher was junior uk pingpong champion at university.

      We used to absolutely rip the shit out of him for it.


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