Watch: Jon Stewart And The Daily Show On China’s Moon Landing

Jon Stewart Jade Rabbit
Jon Stewart tackled China again on a recent episode of The Daily Show -- more specifically, the belief harbored among some (who are you people?) that China's recent rover moon-landing somehow threatens American national security or identity or dominance or something. He squeezes in a joke about Chinese voting.

The Daily Show On Nanjing’s “Mystery Goo”

The Daily Show on the Nanjing ooze
"Things may be bad, but at least our streets don't burp mystery goo," says Jon Stewart, referring to the ooze that randomly appeared one day out of a street crack in Nanjing. We asked you to come up with guesses for what it can be. "Bird shit and Bisquick," Stewart says. "Corn starch and Foxocnn worker tears." The audience was slightly aghast at that last suggestion.

Chinese Media Uses Daily Show Clip To Jab Obama On Guantanamo

Chinese news, Jon Stewart The Daily Show and Guantanamo Bay detention camp
As Barack Obama's failure to close the Guantanamo Bay detention camp continues to anger his liberal base, interested observers outside the US are beginning to take their potshots at the reeling POTUS. The Chinese news media, for instance, has decided to lightly prod the American president with a little humor -- not with its own humor, mind you, but with The Daily Show's.

The Daily Show Does China Segment After Jon Stewart Realizes 3 Million Chinese Watched Him Skewer Kim Jong-un

The Daily Show about China and Kim Jong-un
If you’re looking for analysis on why China loved Jon Stewart’s digs at Kim Jong-un (above), head over to the Washington Post, where Max Fisher writes: When the popular Chinese Web portal Sina posted an eight-minute segment from the show discussing the latest North Korean provocations, it racked up an astounding 2.8 million views and counting, as... Read more »

Jon Stewart And Neil deGrasse Tyson Talk About China’s Pollution, Space Laser

Things may be bad chew air featured image Daily Show
Jon Stewart gave China’s air the comedic treatment last week (and rhymed it with “Nair”), using footage from a week before (and referencing this story about the Hangzhou factory fire). We bring it up now because, first, we hadn’t seen it on the China blogs yet, but more importantly, everyone is talking about pollution again. And if you... Read more »