The Daily Show On Nanjing’s “Mystery Goo”

“Things may be bad, but at least our streets don’t burp mystery goo,” says Jon Stewart, referring to the ooze that randomly appeared one day out of a street crack in Nanjing.

We asked you to come up with guesses for what it can be. “Bird shit and Bisquick,” Stewart says. “Corn starch and Foxocnn worker tears.”

The audience was slightly aghast at that last suggestion.

(H/T Ben Ogle)

    7 Responses to “The Daily Show On Nanjing’s “Mystery Goo””

    1. Jonathan Alpart

      I’ve noticed a trend here from Jon Stewart lately:

      “Things may be bad, but at least [we're not Russia/China.]”

      He said pretty much the exact same thing with the recent bit about Russian drivers’ dash cam footage.

    2. Fred

      And the winner is: Soil conditioning foam for the subway construction going on, which is non-toxic, has happened before, and the use of it makes construction not only faster, but safer than tunneling through non-prepped soil.


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