Chengguan Killed In Line Of Duty After Being Struck By Hoe [Graphic Video]

A chengguan in Yingshan, Hubei province was killed in the line of duty last Saturday after he was struck in the head by a hoe.

On March 16, squad leader Duan Jinyin, 34, was reportedly leading a team in stopping an illegal construction when he was attacked. It happens at the start of the above video (discretion is advised). All it took was a single blow to knock him unconscious. He spent four days in the hospital before being pronounced dead.

The attacker, a 58-year-old surnamed Xiong, has been taken into custody and is awaiting his hearing. He reportedly had run-ins with the law before, in 2005, also for impairing official business. No telling what that might have entailed.

Chengguan have had an incredible rough week. “The most painful part isn’t the stabbing, but that society doesn’t understand,” said Wei Weihan, a bureau chief in Guangzhou, after one of his chengguan was stabbed seven times on March 17 with no one willing to help.

Now this. No one wants to see it.

Here’s a TV news report on the incident:
Longer Youku version of the top video:

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    1. Boooooooooya

      Jesus. The worst part is it’s not actually that ‘graphic’- I didn’t see any blood, and the distance makes it look almost cartoonish. I guess the moral of the story is that it’s easier to get killed than you’d think.


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