Be Inspired By This Video Travelogue, “One Year In Asia”

Ever wanted to take a long trip through Asia, but always lacked just that last push of motivation? Consider this video. It’ll motivate you.

In September 2012, Antoine Lavenant and his girlfriend took advantage of a student exchange program in Kunming to travel across Asia. They made it as far north as Beijing, but spent a bulk of their time in southeast Asia: Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines and Sri Lanka. They got a lot of footage — on a Sony HDR-CX730, as Lavenant says in the YouTube description page — and edited it into the above.

Some images you’ll surely recognize. Others, maybe not. And that’s probably the point. A few screenshots:

One Year in Asia 1
One Year in Asia 2
One Year in Asia 4
One Year in Asia 3

The song is Foals’s “Spanish Sahara.”

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