Why “Living With Dead Hearts” Is A Must-See China Documentary

Living with Dead Hearts
Simply put, you should watch Living with Dead Hearts, a documentary made by the husband-wife team of Charlie Custer and Leia Li. The film follows four families who have been touched by child trafficking, and through their stories, we gain an understanding of an under-publicized issue that affects untold thousands in China every year.

False Assumptions, Misunderstanding, And Forgiveness: An Airplane Story

A letter written to Hannah Lincoln on Chengdu plane
Boarding an airplane can put you through the rawest five minutes of judgement you'll ever face, especially if you're a foreigner. Like a slow, awkward fashion show, you amble down the aisle in fits and starts while everyone already seated simply stare. On my recent Guilin-bound Chengdu plane, I was generally spared of any finger-pointing or comments before I slid into my middle seat, wedged between A and C. But then the 20-year-old boys came.

A Modern Colossus Holds The Sun: Inside The World’s Largest Building In Chengdu

Chengdu world's largest building 9
The biggest building in the world recently opened in Chengdu, China. The New Century Global Center's colossal undulating roof, which I'd been eyeing from my apartment window these past few months, is visible from any high point in the city. I hadn't known what it was until last week, when relatives informed me through a flurry of news articles that it was part of a 1.7 million square-meter complex that is nearly the size of Monaco, and has an artificial sun.

BJC Bar And Club Awards Examined: Little Miss Dance

Little Miss Dance
This week we introduced the 2nd annual Beijing Cream Bar and Club Awards, with 20 categories divided into four groups. Here's Hannah Lincoln with a closer look at the group Little Miss Dance. You’re two beers and three shots in, and it suddenly dawns on you that it is your God-given mission to share your sexiness with the world (or at least with Beijing’s other dance-floor lepers). Bearing that cross, you drag your friends to the nearest club (sidewalks of dancing ayis notwithstanding), ready to commit some serious sacrilege.

Check Out These Incredible Counterfeit Beers At China’s National Food And Beverage Fair

Counterfeit beers
Chengdu recently hosted the 88th National Food and Beverage Fair (糖酒会), the seen-and-be-seen pimp show for anybody who’s anybody in China’s F&B industry. My own Belgian beer company basically ruled the catwalk with our four phallises of draft beer, freely pumping to more than 50,000 attendants who will now go about thinking that Belgian beer... Read more »