Chengguan In Wuhan Try A Slightly Different Enforcement Tactic, Still Mocked

When beating, bullying, and plundering doesn’t work, resort to mass intimidation. Urban enforcement officers in Wuhan, Hubei province are turning to the group silent treatment to smoke out “illegal” street vendors. As Caijing reports, “A new policing method is to appear in a straight line and approach illegal business operators wordlessly for maximum intimidation.” How well is this policy working? “The application of the tactic has been met mostly with derision. One shop owner said, ‘They encircle our shop, but no one else had thought we had done anything illegal. Their style of law enforcement is too harsh.’”

I’m imagining one of those chengguan nervously looking to his left and to his right, then stepping forward and being like, “Hey, um. So how much for a jianbing?”

More pictures after the jump.

(H/T Free More News)

    4 Responses to “Chengguan In Wuhan Try A Slightly Different Enforcement Tactic, Still Mocked”

      • Chinese Netizen

        True. Probably worst job in local government is to be a street beat chengguan guy.

        Seriously…I used to feel pity for the “little guy” just making a living but when they start using public spaces like sidewalks, trash up the place, and pay nothing back to society such as taxes, a business license or rent…well…


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