The Creamcast, Ep.05: Matt Jones Is The English Teacher You Should Listen To

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Here's the thing about teaching English in China: it's a way in. "The people who come for the experience, I feel, are the most valuable people you can have in a place like Beijing because they're learning about themselves, and you never know what somebody might be able to do until they arrive in a place like this," says Matt Jones, an English teacher who's using his years of experience -- teaching "communication" and "culture" as much as anything else, as he puts it -- to start his own school. "If the ticket is English teaching, why not use that ticket?"

The Creamcast, Ep.03: Amy Daml Talks About Her Sex Scene

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Amy Daml of Coon Creek, Minnesota has had a productive first year in China, braving TCM, Chinese grannies, and sex scenes in movies (alas, just as a voice actress, with her sexy, sexy voice). Listen to her charm the pants off our hosts, John Artman and The Good Doctor, in the latest episode of The Creamcast. You can also catch Daml (pronounced Dam-ol) on China Radio International's Easy Cafe (time tbd).

Beijing Slice Ep12: The Stars Come Out At The Beijing International Film Festival

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Ed's note: The Good Doctor and I attended the 3rd annual Beijing International Film Festival on April 23 at the China National Convention Center. You can read my write-up here. The following is The Good Doctor's work. Jay Chou performs at the closing ceremony of the Beijing International Film Festival. I was lucky enough to be able to film, though I wasn't very close to the stage. Enjoy the spectacle as Hollywood collides with the Chinese Film and Television industry.

Here Are The Stand-Up Comedy Finalists From The Beijing Improv Festival

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The Stand-up Showcase portion of the Beijing Improv Festival took place this past Friday. Here's my takeaway after watching the five finalists: It turns out that there's an honest-to-goodness, thriving stand-up scene in Beijing. If you're a closeted comedy nerd who'll only risk coming out to see live shows in Beijing when big name comics fly in from the States, I hate to break it to you, but Louis CK isn't walking back onto that stage anytime soon. Why not try to get a laugh on at one of the many local venues in Beijing that host regular stand-up nights?

Beijing Slice Ep11: A Sleighful Of Santas

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Ed’s note: The one you’ve been waiting for: The Good Doctor follows more than 100 merry Santas during the December 8 Beijing SantaCon. What is the collective noun for Santas? I’m not exactly sure, but we definitely need one after this. The music is Santa Claus Is Coming To Town, performed by the Tracson 5. Previously: Behind the Scenes... Read more »