The Creamcast, Ep.03: Amy Daml Talks About Her Sex Scene

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Amy Daml of Coon Creek, Minnesota has had a productive first year in China, braving TCM, Chinese grannies, and sex scenes in movies (alas, just as a voice actress, with her sexy, sexy voice). Listen to her charm the pants off our hosts, John Artman and The Good Doctor, in the latest episode of The Creamcast.

You can also catch Daml (pronounced Dam-ol) on China Radio International’s Easy Cafe (Mon-Fri, 8-10 pm).

Download Episode 3 of The Creamcast here, or listen to it on iTunes.

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Theme song sampled from Löhstana David’s ”Demain je change de vie.” Image by Katie.  This episode was recorded at the offices of Vericant.

Follow John Artman @knowsnothing and The Good Doctor @doctorentropy2. You may also be interested in Doc’s current Kickstarter, Quitting the Grave.

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