A Guide On How To Be Cool: Becoming A Rock Climber In Beijing

Rock climbing
By The Good Doctor I have a theory about what makes Beijing so attractive to so many expats: whatever activity it is you’re interested in, you can advance to a higher level here more quickly than you could back home. And if there’s an activity you’re interested in, it’s much easier getting started in Beijing... Read more »

The Medullary Paralysis In Beijing

The Medullary Paralysis
By The Good Doctor Friday night’s show at MAO Livehouse featured an Italian band called The Medullary Paralysis. I could write a lot about the experience, but I think a quick summary of facts will tell you everything you need to know: 1. Half the songs sounded like a lost Nine Inch Nails album I never... Read more »

Beijing’s Proliferating Graffiti Art

Graffiti - Xibahe South Rd
It's hard to miss the recent proliferation of graffiti in Beijing's public spaces. The underpasses, bridges, and neighborhood walls have been hit hard by the pandemic, and I'm not just talking about scrawled telephone numbers and advertisements (though you'll see your fair share of those). It seems the increased public vandalism, which stretches from deep inside Second Ring Road and extends to the outskirts of the city, is yet another sign of Beijing's burgeoning metropolitanism.