Beijing Slice Ep09: Climbing The Waterfall

Beijing Slice Ep09
Some of Beijing’s best expat climbers they take on the waterfall at Bai He. Featuring Simon Adams, Ben Cook, Dave Gliddon, and Joachim Corstiaans. To learn more about climbing in and around Beijing, visit Beijing Climbing Club. The music featured in this episode is Begging In Rome by Cut By Ice and Départ by OpenChords. Previously: Beijing’s Cheapest... Read more »

Beijing Design Week At Caochangdi: Wrap-up

Beijing Design Week At Caochangdi Wrap-up featured image
Ed’s note: In lieu of Beijing Slice, here’s The Good Doctor’s video wrap-up of Beijing Design Week. Via The Good Doctor‘s Vimeo description: An introduction to the 2012 Beijing Design Week at Cao Chang Di. The video focuses on three designers, Carl de Smet, Nikolaus Wabnitz, and Nicole Condon, and highlights their exhibits from Design Week.... Read more »

Beijing Slice Ep.08: Beijing’s Cheapest Haircut

Beijing Slice Ep08
The Good Doctor, cooking instructor/amateur bowler Candice Lee, and Beijing Climbing Club head Simon Adams went on a mission to find the cheapest haircut in town. How low did they go? (Answer: very low. Xibahe Nan Lu just outside Third Ring Road is what you want.) The music is Crazy Glue by Josh Woodward. Beijing Slice is now... Read more »

Caochangdi’s Beijing Design Week: A Mess Worth Walking Into

CCD Design Week
The Caochangdi branch of Beijing Design Week is an eclectic mess. The posters have the wrong dates. Designers didn't finish their work on time, so you'll find empty spaces in the place of installations. Volunteers might sell you a button or a program that's supposed to be free. You'll wonder what some exhibits, such as a mishmash of geolocation balloons and a physical "chat room" called "The Real Network," have to do with design. Mix it all together, and you have a wonderful template for the best and worst of Beijing.

Beijing Slice Ep.07: Showcase At The Vanguard

Beijing Slice Ep07
By The Good Doctor Every Tuesday night, the VA Bar has a showcase of talented expat musicians in Beijing. The shows include covers and originals and are totally free. If you like music and want to hang out with a community of people who also like music, you should check it out. Featuring: Steve Blaque, Renee Robinson, Simon... Read more »

Beware Of The Chemical-Water-Spraying Trucks (Of Death)

By The Good Doctor I still remember my first encounter with one of these trucks of death. I was walking near Xinjiekou when everybody suddenly scrambled into the nearest shop. I couldn’t figure out what was happening until I saw what looked like a firetruck watering the trees. Everyone else knew what I was about... Read more »