Introducing: The Creamcast, The Official Podcast Of Beijing Cream

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We’re launching a podcast! On the occassion of Episode 1, featuring Frank Yu, The Creamcast hosts John Artman and The Good Doctor are here to answer some questions.

What is a podcast?

Doc: Podcasts are the future. Not in the way 3D movies are the future of Hollywood, but in the way Apple TV is the future of television. No one enjoys being forced to watch Star Trek: The Wrath of Sherlock in crappy stereoscopic vision, but everyone likes getting their entertainment on demand, consuming it whenever and wherever you want, on whatever device you have at hand.

Can you masturbate while listening to one?

John: There’s a fine line between being honest and giving too much information. Suffice it to say that, yes, you can masturbate listening to a podcast. However, it is my personal belief that while stimulating yourself physically, it can be quite distracting, and psychologically challenging, to also attempt aural stimulation.

But… I mean… Creamcast.

Doc: The Creamcast, Beijing Cream’s new podcast, has the potential to be that friend you’ve always wanted but never had the courage to go talk to. Or maybe it will be the intrusive third wheel in the threesome you hoped to avoid. Either way, it’s an experience you’ll never forget. Hosted by John Artman and myself, the Creamcast is a conversational podcast in the tradition of The Nerdist or WTF. Each week a guest with intimate knowledge of expat life in Beijing comes on to make confessions and create scandal. It’s like porn, but for your ears.

John: We would love for you to share with us, either in the comments section or via email, any and all experiences you have with using our voices to pleasure yourself.

Tell me more. 

Doc: The best way to listen to podcasts is through iTunes. If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can use the Podcast app. Otherwise, you can find the podcasts tab in the iTunes store. Don’t worry, pretty much every podcast is free, and paid for by Audible or With either method, you can search for specific podcasts or scroll through the most popular. It’s easy to subscribe to the ones you like, and then your phone or computer will automatically download the latest episode as soon as it’s posted. It couldn’t be easier.

John: If you don’t do Apple, Android offers podcast apps such as OneCast or Podkicker. I’ve never actually seen a Windows phone, but I’m guessing they offer a podcast app as well, though it will probably come with plenty of pop-up spam. Once you have the app installed, you’ll be able to search for Creamcast and subscribe to it much the same as in iTunes.

Doc, I know you like dinosaurs. Perhaps you’d like to talk about dinosaurs?

Doc: Alternatively, every podcast must be hosted somewhere on the web apart from Apple servers. So if you want to listen to Creamcast and you don’t have any kind of subscription service, you can go straight to Beijing Cream or SoundCloud and download it to your computer or phone. You can even listen to it online, but that’s a little like hunting dinosaurs with a technology that’s much older than dinosaurs — say, something that would have been used to hunt trilobites.

Who’s this John Artman fellow, and why does he sound familiar? 

John: You might remember me from such podcasts as Artman Talks and China PunksIf not, then you definitely don’t remember my work at China Radio International for China Drive (91.5 FM) or Today on Beyond Beijing (846 FM). I’ve also written some amazingly forgettable technology posts for Beijing Cream, such as Huawei makes phones for Giants and Mandiant is Stoopid.

Fantastic. Who’s the first guest?

Doc: We sit down with Frank Yu of Kwestr and chat about getting into fights, dealing with model girlfriends, and why Beijing is better than Shanghai. Also, things get testy when Frank fails his trivia quiz at the end.

Our episode with Frank is embedded below, and can be downloaded here. (We’re working on getting it on iTunes. UPDATE: On iTunes!) Be sure to check out The Creamcast every Friday afternoon henceforth. (Logo credit: Katie.)

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Part of the theme song was from Löhstana David’s “Demain je change de vie.” This episode was recorded at the offices of Vericant.

5 Responses to “Introducing: The Creamcast, The Official Podcast Of Beijing Cream”

  1. dongchenger

    ok, some honest criticism if you’ll take it…

    There’s a lot of extraneous conversation, lame self-deprecating jokes, and hesitant speaking. Some of that’s to be expected, but it’d be nicer if you consider it less of a conversation for you and more of a product for the audience in the future.

    The main criticism: keep the subject matter interesting for an audience. No one who reads this site or has lived in China needs to tune in to hear fight stories for 15 minutes. Or China makes me cranky stories. Or hear people who don’t speak much/any Chinese wonder aloud about or make uninformed generalizations about things like Chinese humor. Yes, Chinese people stand irony (look at internet BBS trolling/comments). Cross-talk is a bit more advanced than “Hu’s on first,” and I think it also contains a good deal of irony. The trouble is cross-cultural irony… Just as you tend not to think Chinese people are capable of sarcasm or irony, they approach you the same way. It takes a lot of personal or cultural familiarity before someone can stop an ironic response (since it requires having establishing a baseline). Anyway…

    Take a page from the Sinica podcast and take the opportunity of a podcast to talk about what you and your guest DO know very well… Interesting topics in the first 35 mins (stopped at that point) included: western europe nuclear option, kwester, start-up/tech monetization, beijing silicon valley.

    better luck next time.


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