Police Stand Around And Watch While Gangsters Carry Out Brutal Assault

In Heyuan, Guangdong province — on December 2, according to the surveillance monitor’s timestamp (though the video was uploaded only three days ago) — two police officers stood back and watched as gangsters with cudgels and sticks beat the crap out of at least two people. No one quite knows the cause of the fight or the resolution — the video title says a victim was “beaten to death,” but we’re unable to confirm that. At one point, it looks like an officer’s bike gets tipped over, but even then the two uniformed men make no effort to step into the fray. When confronted, in fact, they seem to take a step backward.

Don’t be so quick to judge though. If you were an unarmed cop outnumbered by angry Triad, you probably wouldn’t intervene either.

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    1. DSLAM

      Well, that’s rather disconcerting. I’ve noticed quite a few gang looking dudes this trip in Guangzhou. If they communists arent going to even keep law and order, what’s the point of having a police state?


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