Weekend Dollop Of Nostalgia: Irish Band In Beijing Circa 1999

Irish Band In Beijing Circa 1999 featured image
Posted on Monday by YouTube user texasdaveodell -- who longtime Beijingers will remember as Dave, a staple in the local punk scene -- the musicians in the video could well be Beijing's first Irish band, active from 1999 to 2001. (Or not -- someone out there correct this bit of info in the video title if you can.) Like a true nostalgic, Dave has asked the members of the outfit to contact him at dave@texasdavid.com. You know what they say about growing old and wistful: the older you get, the more you wish you would've married that curly-haired flutist in that Irish band.

Leehom Wang Flubs Famous Line In “As Time Goes By” At BJIFF’s Opening Night

Leehom Wang As Time Goes By featured image
Taiwanese American heartthrob Leehom Wang performed "As Time Goes By" on Monday at the star-studded opening ceremony of the 2nd Beijing International Film Festival. All in all, Wang did a commendable job with Herman Hupfeld's song -- popularized by Dooley Wilson in Casablanca, of course -- but in front of a national audience -- the show was televised on CCTV-6 -- he flubbed the famous line, "You must remember this, / A kiss is just a kiss, a sigh is just a sigh" ("The fundamental things apply / As time goes by"). He said "a smile is just a sigh." Oops.

Chillax With Yolanda Moon And The Beijing-Based Music Video “Path”

Chillax With Yolanda Moon And The Beijing-Based Music Video “Path” featured image
Two years ago, musician Cholo Hermosa, one of the founders of a new Manila-based band called Yolanda Moon, visited Beijing with a company and family, and he shot lots of videos to, as he puts it, "have a first-person aspect of my trip to remember how I felt when I visited." It was only recently, however, that he was able to pull all the footage together and use it for the YM song "Path."

On This Gorgeous Day, Let Us Listen To The Erhu

Chinese erhu featured image
I'm not usually one to talk about weather, but today is one of those perfect spring days you could, with a straight face, call redolent. Have yourself a walk and see if good memories don't find a way into your mind. Not to mention dreams of a good year, a bountiful harvest of the spirit.

IKEA China Commercial’s Music Takes Us Back To Our Nintendo-Playing Childhoods

IKEA borrows Super Mario song for commercial
Tudou video for those in China after the jump China doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to intellectual property. Big international companies spend lots of money fighting IP theft when smaller groups here in China happen to “borrow” IP rights. Which is why the current IKEA commercial in its spring public transport... Read more »

Chillax With Jason Chu’s “Love Letter To Beijing”

Jason Chu Love Letter to Beijing
Jason Chu, from New York City to Beijing, is leaving in three weeks for Los Angeles, and he claims on his website that it's for good (but not without a party -- "You are ALL INVITED to 'Goodbye, Beijing.' – a farewell concert, EP release party, and video premiere coming 4/21 in Beijing’s 798 Art District"). He released the above video on Sunday as a preview. Check it out. Youku video for those in China after the jump, as well as lyrics.

“Awesome Basketball Kid”: The Jeremy Lin Story [UPDATE]

Linsanity Lives
Reports of Linsanity’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. For one, he’s still starting. For another, his inspirational story of hard work, perseverance, and being Asian is coming to the silver screen. This was only a matter of time, wasn’t it? According to China Daily, a Beijing-based culture and media company called Lafeng Entertainment is in preproduction... Read more »

A Kickstarter Project Worth Your Attention: Chinafornia

Chinafornia is The Daily Show meets The Simpsons, California meets China. In other words, a live-action version of China Daily Show meets Beijing Cream! (Too far?) We don’t see how it can go wrong, especially in the expert hands of animator and filmmaker (writer/producer/etc.) Ellie Lee, a five-time Emmy Award nominee and the brains behind this project. Like many... Read more »


Two Girls Committed Suicide Last Week, And Some Think The Tragedy Lies With TV Programming. That’s Shameful

You wouldn't watch this show?
By RFH We wanted to highlight our school suicide story earlier this week because we felt many of the elements surrounding the official reaction – subterfuge, censorship, a lack of respect for both the living and dead – were unfortunately far too common. Now comes another bleak story of teenage suicide – and the disgraceful... Read more »

Hutong In High-Def

Hutong In High-Def
Here's a spryly edited video by Can Evrenol, shot by Paul Jung, colored by Andreas Brueckl, set in a hutong around the Temple of Heaven. Youku video for those in China after the jump.

Male Chinese ‘Tour Guide’ And Female American ‘Student’ Keen To The Night About This Perplexing, Desolate, Wonderful City Called Beijing

Male Chinese ‘Tour Guide’ And Female American ‘Student’ Keen To The Night About This Perplexing, Desolate, Wonderful City Called Beijing
The above video first appeared on Youku four days ago and currently has nearly 48,000 views. The two singers -- a Chinese tour guide and an American student, according to the video's somewhat melodramatic description (They are a guide, a student. It was tourism that made them acquaintances, a song that made them familiars, reality that made them bewildered) -- present their version of "Beijing Beijing"《北京北京》. Judging by the video's comments, the duo has struck a chord.

The Jianbing: A Chinese Galette Or A Savory Crepe?

Jianbing Chinese galette savory crepe featured image
It's unlikely you'll ever see jianbing given a more doting treatment than in the above video by Tim Quijano. The font is stylized, curled like a Victorian moustache; the sauce is "hoisin," not "that brown shit"; the chili is "paste"; the music is new-age classical with a lot of cello overlaid with digital keyboard, which seems fitting; "crisp fritter"; and the camera is obviously on a tripod.

Shanghai Calling: We Watched The Trailer So You Don’t Have To

Shanghai Calling 1a
Shanghai Calling is a movie about a confident, ambitious, career-minded Chinese American named Sam who gets called into his New York law firm’s office one day and told he’s in for some “big news.” As he prepares to humbly accept what he believes is a promotion, he’s told, “We’re sending you to China!” Uh-oh. China... Read more »