Asiana To Sue KTVU Over Name Hoax That “Seriously Damaged” Airline [UPDATE]

Asiana Airlines vs KTVU
Let's get this out of the way first: crash-landing on a San Francisco runway seriously damaged Asiana Airlines's reputation. KTVU, a Bay Area news station, damaged its own reputation by saying the names of Asiana's pilots were "Captain Sum Ting Wong," "Wi Tu Lo," "Ho Lee Fuk," and "Bang Ding Ow." If anything, Asiana should be sending KTVU a bouquet for deflecting attention from the real, shitty pilots who flew Flight 214 into the ground.

What Is This Shit, China Youth Daily?

Cai Qi
A paragraph in a recent China Youth Daily article about the two victims of Asiana Flight 214 seemed to take undue pride in extolling a Chinese government official, which makes just no sense at all.

Here’s Video Of A Korean News Presenter Saying “It Is A Relief” Asiana 214 Victims Were Chinese

Korean broadcaster says relief Asiana 214 victims were not Korean
The Wall Street Journal has a follow-up to a Chinese state media article we linked to yesterday, in which a South Korean broadcaster, while trying to express relief that the two girls who died on Asiana flight 214 from Shanghai to San Francisco via Seoul were not Korean (as if nationality matters in these tragedies), used utterly regretful phrasing.

CNN Has Video Of Asiana 214′s Botched Landing

Asiana Flight 214 plane crash featured image
Fred Hayes was plane-watching at San Francisco airport when Asiana Flight 214 came in much too low, and the video he captured is the only one so far that shows the plane's moment of impact with the ground. It skidded to a stop before bursting into flames while Hayes could only say, over and over, "Oh my God."