What Does A Chengguan Truck On Fire Look Like?

There’s your answer.

Chengguan these days just can’t catch a break. This truck — “Chengguan Law Enforcement” is what those characters say — spontaneously combusted yesterday at 9 am on Beijing’s West Fourth Ring Road, according to ifeng.com, further congesting the already-bad rush hour traffic. Apparently the smoke could be seen from a kilometer away.

(H/T Alicia)

    2 Responses to “What Does A Chengguan Truck On Fire Look Like?”

    1. Sponge Monkey

      The way you posted this. Third story about these guys in a week. The title “What does a ChengGuan truck on fire look like?” and your caption “Chengguan these days just can’t catch a break” sent me into giggle fits.

      After reading and discussing so much about this abortion story, a giggle fit is exactly what I needed. Thanks! And thanks ChengGuan!


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