This Nanjing Cat Is A Delight And A Diva

Nanjing cat
Okay, cat. Here’s the deal. This Shineway Sausage is mine. I bought it. I did. With money. But you wouldn’t know anything about that, judging by the way you sit on your hiney like a smug supplicant. You know what? Go ahead and stay there with your raised eyebrow, wiggling whiskers, paws rubbing together like... Read more »

Cat In A Hat Sits On Back Of A Bike, Is Awesome

Cat on back of bike featured image
YouTube user youluukvideo, whose profile says he/she is based in Taiwan, posted this video last week. We've seen a dog sit on the back of a bike in China, but a cat? In a hat? Turning around to look at the cameraman and thinking, we're sure, "What you looking at?"? Incredible. Much better than that dog.

With Great Difficulty, We’re Going To Avoid Pussy Galore Puns Here

We fashion ourselves cat lovers at Beijing Cream, but we had no idea that something called the International Famed Cats Exhibition (国际名猫展) happened yesterday in Beijing, as Alicia found out yesterday via China News. It was organized by the China Pearl Feline Fanciers Club and involved a contest of exotic cat breeds. (No word on who won.)... Read more »