A Chinese Version Of “Cats” Is Currently Playing In Beijing. Whoa

Cats Mandarin

Did you know the musical Cats has a Mandarin version, and is currently in Beijing? It debuted in Shanghai in August before swinging by Guangzhou and Chongqing, and 100 shows later, is now playing at Century Theater in this city.

Century Theater’s website is terribly shitty, but a representative there told me that the show’s Beijing debut was December 21, and the next performance is this Sunday. You won’t find it listed on the terribly shitty website though, and calling the ticket office at 6468 6708 apparently doesn’t work either, so you’ll have to buy tickets at Century Theater’s window, which is open during normal business hours.

To think of it… a world-class musical like Cats really deserves better than this treatment. I mean, THIS…

…should at least get a small banner ad on the website of the theater where it is currently playing, don’t you think?

Also, this is terrible:

Cats Mandarin WTF

Performances will run until February 3, according to CCTV News (you can watch a short clip of the Chinese version of “Memory” via that link).

If you prefer to appreciate Cats from the comfort of home, the entire musical, starring Elaine Paige and the original London cast, can be watched on Youku.

And here’s “Memory” on Youku, with Chinese lyrics:

    2 Responses to “A Chinese Version Of “Cats” Is Currently Playing In Beijing. Whoa”

    1. King Tubby

      “world class musical”

      Are you out of your freaking mind?

      ALW is the equivalent to aural vomit. The HIV of the music world. The Ebola of empty spectacle. The Marburg of ….

      Beijing and Shanghai are the last ditch resorts for clapped out musicals and rock bands fresh out of the fat farm.

      And an opportunity for the locals to display their bling.

      Bo and his Red Songs would be an improvement on this muck.

      Cats in English is perfectly fucking painful to listen to.

      In Mandarin, it would be beyond a world of pain.

      BJC – trivial tabloid plumbs new depths.


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