Hong Kong Parents Who Spent $2.2 Million On Education Consultant Is Now Suing After Their Sons Got Rejected From Harvard

Harvard seal
Maybe one can put a price on a child’s education? If you’re Gerald and Lily Chow of Hong Kong, that price happens to be $2.2 million. That’s how much the pair reportedly spent over four years on a Cambridge, Mass.-based education consultancy that basically guaranteed their two sons would get accepted to Harvard. The investment... Read more »

Pictures Of Bo Guagua At His Harvard Commencement Ceremony

BGG graduates 1a
Via Yahoo.cn (H/T Alicia) Bo Guagua graduated yesterday from Harvard Kennedy School. Adam Samberg gave a speech, and with that, another lot of wide-eyed, partied-out co-eds officially enter the workforce, ready to displace the infirm and ineffectual. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: the kids these days will spell the end of us... Read more »

Slate Asks Why Harvard Is Training The Next Generation Of Chinese Communist Party Leaders. Answer: Why Not?

By Gregory K. Shapiro Last month, Bo Guagua brought some rather unwelcome attention to Harvard, managing in one fell swoop to both draw further ridicule to himself and to affirm every popular stereotype of Harvard students as arrogant, out-of-touch elitists. Perhaps unintentionally, he’s also drawn attention to an ongoing practice by Harvard of welcoming top... Read more »

Bo Guagua, The Dude Himself, Makes Statement Via Harvard Crimson

Bo Guagua
Via Cherwell.org I don’t normally read the Harvard Crimson, but I’m going to guess that newspaper just got its finest scoop of the year. Bo Guagua corresponded with staff writers Hana N. Rouse and Justin C. Worland (what’s with the middle initials? Must… suppress… prejudice), and wrote: Recently, there has been increasing attention from the... Read more »