Despite Pending Lawsuit, Education Consultancy In Hong Kong Still Promising To Get Kids Into Harvard

Mark Zimny is one smug fuck. Feel free to draw your own conclusions, but I don’t know what else to think of a man who promises rich parents in Asia that he can get their child into prominent overseas universities. And then when one family sues to get its $2.2 million back because he failed to deliver, Zimny replies:

“Gerald is the only one who has ever sued,” said Zimny, who started his business in 1999. “Every other client is happy with the result.”

That’s from South China Morning Post. Again, he took 2.2 million dollars from a family on the assumption that their sons would be admitted into Harvard. Its true that no family should ever be duped into paying that much, but what kind of person would bill that amount and remain so brazenly un-humbled by failure? A smug fuck, that’s what. In addition, Zimny cites the example of one of his other “pretty well-known” clients who is happy with the services of his company, which is called IvyAdmit (Ivy-fucking-Admit!):

He said the remaining Hong Kong client was “not concerned” about the lawsuit filed by Chow, who is the executive director of listed conglomerate Chow Sang Sang Holdings.

So in short: Zimny has taken awful publicity — a huge lawsuit that, however unlikely to succeed, reveals him as a charlatan — and employed the South China Morning Post to spin it into great publicity. SCMP was only too happy to oblige:

Describing himself as a middle-man who introduced parents to schools and “facilitated donations”, Zimny said he focused his business on Hong Kong, South Korea and, increasingly, the mainland. He had six to seven tutors at a time. “The demand [in Asia] is huge, but what we do is far more specialised,” he said. “We’ve lost a lot of business [after the lawsuit came to light], but we think the business is still intact.”

You hear that, rich parents in Hong Kong, South Korea and mainland China? IvyAdmit remains open for business.

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    15 Responses to “Despite Pending Lawsuit, Education Consultancy In Hong Kong Still Promising To Get Kids Into Harvard”

    1. Boooooooooya

      As if that wasn’t bad enough, the real Zimny has clearly gone into hiding and replaced himself with Colin Hanks.

    2. King Tubby

      I’m awarding the guy the Confucius Prize as he is a business role model for the ESL sector.

      Its nice to see a bit of Sino fleecing for a change.

    3. E

      You know, I don’t really feel good about either side. One can’t deliver the goods, the other is evidently so stupid to believe that money solves everything and opens all doors. They’re meant for each other. I will say that Mr. Zimny probably needs to get into another line of sales; he’s evidently quite well-versed in selling to Chinese clients. I’m certain there are tons of potential employers who would love to get their hands on whatever made him convince someone that his services were worth $2.2 million.

    4. lalaland

      @E..He did get into ” Another line of sales “.
      This time, even more sneaky.. opening another ” educational consulting business ” in california, but using ” a fake reprentative “.
      With the lawsuit all over the media, now he is working behind the scenes, targetting Korean parents.
      He must think Asians are the easy money.
      Even if the chows did make the wrong choice for their kids, the fact Mark zimny is a dispicable, asiaphile con man does not change.
      He is a con man. Pure & simple.

    5. white chrismas

      The chows are responsible for their money solves everything attitude. After all,they tried to buy their sons’ places at Harvard… But, they really got cheated off by Mark zimny.
      People gotta know the truth behind Zimny.
      Zimny makes money by cheating off rich asian parents ( mostly resides in korea & HK ).. The only reason he didn’t get caught until now is no asian parents will admit to using a broker – that is his true vocation, not a harvard prof.- to get their children into ivys.. So if parents get lucky, their children go to ivys. If not, some other 2nd tier school. Does not matter how much money they have paid to zimny.
      ( no parents will sue zimny for fear of revealing they hired a broker under the name of an educational consultant. So he made lots of money until the Chow ! )
      Obiviosly the chows got their reputation down in a small HK high society…but, the Zimny’s criminal acts are finally revealed.. It has to be known that this lawsuit is not some dumb chinese family suing but a real criminal case that will save future asian victims.
      Last, but not the least, Mark zimny is a die-hard white man with asian fever. He only dates asians & takes advantage of them.. He currently lives with a rich divorced mother of two children who gave birth to his baby in los angeles. ( Even this woman known as Jackie Kim is a koreatown con artist-hooker )
      Apprently he cheats on her while using her con- money..
      Just by this dirty personal life, this man has no business in education !

    6. Anon

      Zimny has been criminally indicted on the case:

      Zimny is not only despicable but a dumbass. Let’s review:

      On his first major caper he conned as Asian family out of $2.1 million, but he STUPIDLY had them wire transfer the money. That means the money crossed state lines and became a FEDERAL offense. He then used his ill gotten gains to purchase three condos in his name at the height of the real estate bubble. He was so sure he would get away with it, he didn’t even try to make it appear that he had actually donated the money to the university. Then, when he needed money, he sold two of the condos at the bottom of the market (and in violation of a judges order not to dissipate his assets until the civil case had been resolved).

      Now he is broke and facing hard time. He has died his hair, has a nervous twitch and looks even more repulsive than usual. He is spending whatever money he has left, forced to pay his expensive criminal defense attorneys every month. The feds have unlimited resources to go after him and obviously have the goods on him or they wouldn’t bother. he now faces up to 20 years in jail. He will not risk a trial because he would get the full sentence. Instead he will plead guilty in exchange for a lesser sentence. But once he does, everything will be on the court’s terms and the civil case will be ruled in the family’s favor (once you plead guilty, the civil case is won). The judge will not look kindly on his selling of the condos against the judge’s orders, either. He will likely get at least a few years in prison where he will frequently gag on angry black penises. If he survives that, he will be released with a felony conviction and an order to provide full restitution to the victims. If he fails to do that, his probation will be extended until he does. The criminal conviction, fingerprints, DNA samples, and internet searches will prevent him from ever being employed in any fiduciary or legal capacity whatsoever. Not even Pollo Loco will hire a convicted felon. In fact, it is unlikely he will ever be employable. So he will drop several rungs down the criminal ladder and, when he does, he will be dealing with people who will break his legs if he rips them off, not take him to court. I doubt he will live much longer than a few years once he is on the outside.

      Zimny could have had a good life with respect and stature. Instead, he threw it all away trying to take the easy way out. He failed quickly and miserably.

      Zimny = Asshole. Moron. Loser.

    7. GUEST

      Criminal trial rescheduled to Feb.3, 2014 (from 10/28/13) because of government shut-down.
      Civil trial rescheduled to March 3, 2014 (from 12/2/13) because of other reasons.


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