Happy Chinese Valentine’s Day! Watch Couples Kiss Awkwardly

Awkward kissing in Hangzhou
On the famous Duan (Broken) Bridge near West Lake in Hangzhou, a guy went around asking questions about kisisng (is the upper or lower lip more sensitive?), and then tried to get couples to smooch on camera. The latter, I assure is, is not the weirdest part about this video. Skip ahead to the lip sensitivity test starting at the 2:30 mark.

Exigencies Of The Heart: A 90-Day Program That Teaches Chinese Women To Find American Husbands

It’s not shameful to seek a companion to calm the exigencies of the heart, which swell like waves and retreat as quickly to beach sorrow on the shores of our body. But this woman — Liang Yali — is a swindler and sham. We think. Because what kind of slick snake salesperson would take advantage of another person’s loneliness to charge these prices — as reported by SCMP — for something called the Seek-a-Husband Training Programme?

The Significance Of Today, 2013-01-04

Love you a lifetime
For many of us who observe China’s public holiday system, today’s the first day of work in 2013. But for many others in China – especially romantics – today’s significant for another reason: it’s “Love You a Lifetime” day. It’s not officially recognized anywhere, but today just sounds significant. In Mandarin and Cantonese, 2-0-1-3-1-4 sounds like “爱你一生一世”... Read more »