And Now Some Relationship Advice From Hong Kong Politician Ann Chiang


Need some relationship advice on Valentine’s Day? Listen to a lawmaker in Hong Kong.

Ann Chiang, vice president of the largest pro-government political party in Hong Kong, taught wives “how to be open-hearted and get their husbands to come home” in Apple Daily.

Chiang married her husband 16 years ago when she was 42. She thought that the most important thing between husband and wife was, not surprisingly, “trust.”

“You must give your husband enough space and be self-confident. I’m confident that my husband will always come back home so I never check his mobile and text messages.”

And more:

“I can imagine that, when a middle-aged guy goes to a party and is surrendered by young women, he must be quite happy. But I’m confident that, however happy my husband is when interacting with other women, he’d always come home and find peace. Wives must make home a comfortable shelter for their husbands.”

But what if the husband still doesn’t want to go home when the wife has already done all she can for him? Ann Chiang further advises – set him free.

We already know that Chiang’s very tolerant in relationships – she once defended CY Leung’s failure to remove an illegal structure at his home in a Legislative Council meeting, saying that, “As a busy working man, CY has to fly in and out of Hong Kong on business. Many men are on their business trips and forget their wedding anniversaries, let alone when their illegal structure was built!”

So listen up ladies: Trust your spouse blindly, even though he may be creeping around on you. Home is the most important thing in a marriage. And everything is acceptable as long as your man comes back eventually.

No wonder some women say no to marriage.

    One Response to “And Now Some Relationship Advice From Hong Kong Politician Ann Chiang”

    1. SeaHorse

      Well if my husband checked my phone for texts and get paranoid when i go to the bar with my girls, I’d set him free.

      Your husband is not your dog. If one doesn’t trust him to come home at the end of the day and not mess around with other chicks and behave on business trips maybe maybe one should not have married him in the first place. I’m not saying women should stay home and wait up for their men, but if you don’t trust him why the fuck would you marry him in the first place? I’d rather live the rest of my life as a sheng nu than be in such a worthless marriage.


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