Exigencies Of The Heart: A 90-Day Program That Teaches Chinese Women To Find American Husbands


It’s not shameful to seek a companion to calm the exigencies of the heart, which swell like waves and retreat as quickly to beach sorrow on the shores of our body.

But this woman — Liang Yali — is a swindler and sham. We think. Because what kind of slick snake salesperson would take advantage of another person’s loneliness to charge these prices — as reported by SCMP — for something called the Seek-a-Husband Training Programme?

The least expensive one-day course costs 2,800 yuan (HK$3,500), and more advanced modules can be taken for more than 40,000 yuan. There’s also the “unlimited” package, which entitles customers to attend all classes for a cool 100,000 yuan.

Alas, it’s easy for us to sit and judge. But what if we don’t do that? Because love is hard, if not outright quixotic, and our desires often play tricks on us, mask intentions, cause lust to be misinterpreted, etc. Perhaps a course to put expectations in their proper place might be useful after all for a cosmopolitan, practical society. Perhaps we could all, in matters of the heart, take a longer view and be less quick to snarl at entrepreneurs like Liang whose intentions may be aligned with those of relationship therapists and online dating CEOs.

Or. Perhaps we could be a little more slutty, see sex as a consummation not of love but friendship, a thing that forges accidental emotional ties, if any, though more often only serves to confirm that no one, no matter how hard we try, can fill the void carved out by our midnight solitude. Perhaps Liang teaches women that the only proven strategy is to guilt their man into staying, to transform their kind-hearted expatriate into a meek white knight, because we all have weaknesses that are more easily spotted by others.

Shit. I don’t know. Liang wants to “mass produce” happiness, as she puts it. To do so, she needs to standarize the human experience by straining it to its basic elements, then forging them in some selfsame fire of cold passion before the final annealment into a definable shape. I suppose it’s possible she knows some alchemy we do not. But would you pay 100,000 yuan to find out?

Course teaches Chinese women how to marry ‘elite’ foreigner in 90 days (SCMP, h/t Alicia)

    10 Responses to “Exigencies Of The Heart: A 90-Day Program That Teaches Chinese Women To Find American Husbands”

    1. King Baeksu

      These women will tend to marry the men they deserve. Good luck to the both of them, because they’ll need it.

      I suppose I support programs like this, since it clears away the gold-diggers from the path I happen to be on myself.

      Thanks, Liang Yali!

      • wafflestomp

        “”Her Seek-a-Husband course, which specialises in teaching women how to find “elite Westerner” husbands””

        It all comes down to money. She may say gold diggers don’t apply, but that is what it comes down to. Women want these “elite” men who will carry them their whole life. She teaches women to guilt men into relationships. THAT sounds VERY healthy.

        Dumb slut

    2. SeaHorse

      It may shock some of her clientele, but there are websites where literally American men can order you online, that’s right, they PAY you to come to their country, and marry them. Simple as that ladies.

      Or you know, you can hussle the good ol’ fashion way and just ask him to have some coffee with you, tell him he’s awfully nice and you’d love to go to a football game and learn all about American football.

      • SeaHorse

        You’ve obviously have not met some asian parents. A white guy is pretty much the only acceptable other-race person they can grow to accept. Because you know, he’s white, so it’s not like he’s an *gasp* African American. I know of this Chinese woman who is upset her daughter is dating a darker skinned boy. Said woman’s husband is white. Marrying a white guy to a lot of people is better than marrying some dark skinned farm boy.

        • mike

          We’re in complete agreement, but it’s just another level of humiliation. Basically you’re saying White guys are the ‘least bad’…on the whole racism scale. Which is BS anyway. I’m just saying the girl has to talk her parents into it first, which is not easy.


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