Friday Night Musical Outro: Go To School

Hello Beijing Cream readers. My name is Josh and I work at this other website called Smart Beijing, where I conduct tl;dr interviews with bassists. The Tao is outsourcing these Friday Musical Outros to my colleague Morgan, but he’s schmoozing at some conference now. So here I am.

School Bar has been killing it this year. In my book it’s Beijing’s #1 live rock ‘n’ roll venue at the moment. Pretty much the only place you can walk up on a random day of the week and be statistically likely to find a decent local band and at least a dozen drunken teenagers in leather jackets just living the dream. You should go there on Saturday because all the bands playing are worth your time & money & some potential liver damage.

Lowbow — featured above in a great black-and-white live video shot by Beijing-based photographer Jeff Yiu — is leading the charge, joined by Yan TiaoXin Ma You Jiang, and Streets Kill Strange Animals. The latter just shot a music video on a public bus; keeping that one in the back pocket for the next time I have to do one of these here Friday Outro joints.

The Saturday gig kicks off at 9 pm and will run you 40 rmb at the door. That’s 10 kuai a band, pretty solid deal.

If you want to talk for an hour about musical miscellany you can email me

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