Saturday Night Musical Outro: Disappearing River

Ford the river of hell, cross over into the afterlife.

Recently The Sound Stage traveled to Wuhan to interview and film some of the top bands there. I’ve been hearing for a while about Wuhan’s music scene and wanted to see for myself what the fuss was about. This is hopefully just one of several future trips out of Beijing to check out musical developments in the rest of the country.

One of Wuhan’s oldest metal bands, Disappearing River, plays death metal, which is appropriate because its lead singer, Du Wei, works in a funeral home. With dead bodies. Let’s just say he’s got street cred. He’s also known as the “Godfather of Wuhan Metal.”

Disappearing River’s music makes for the perfect introduction to the modern music scene in Wuhan, which might be second in China only to Beijing. There will be four more episodes featuring Wuhan bands in the coming months, each showcasing a different style in this central Chinese industrial and transport hub.

The song featured tonight is The Uncrowned King, and starts after the interview.

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