Team China Once Again Beats Everyone At World Table Tennis Championships

Chinese men's team wins table tennis ping pong championship
For the seventh consecutive year on Monday, the Chinese men's ping-pong team won the Swaythling Cup. (Apparently familiarity doesn't make the trophy any less awkward to handle.) It's the 19th time they've finished first at the World Table Tennis Championships, which was held this time in Tokyo. The Chinese women's team, not to be outdone, also won -- also its 19th team title at this worlds competition. The women have lost only twice since 1975.

Watch: Kevin Garnett Plays Ping-Pong Against World Champion Wang Hao

Kevin Garnett plays ping pong featured image
NBA star Kevin Garnett was in China last month to promote his new Anta shoe, the KG III, and it appears that his itinerary included a trip to the set of The Generation Show《年代秀》. He was joined in the studio that day by another major star athlete in China, ping-pong world champion Wang Hao. Naturally, the two played a rally. Naturally, Wang Hao used his off-hand, and still had to take it extra easy on the Boston power forward. And naturally, Wang Hao won the point. (This episode just aired on Friday.)

The Joy And Wonder Of One-Man Ping-Pong At The Park

One-man ping pong at the park
I don't have anything to say about this, really, except that I like it. Look at the concentration on the man's face. Look at his smile when the ball finally falls off his paddle, and his alacrity to try again, that very moment. This, young'uns, is how grown-ups entertain themselves when they don't have iPhone or iPad Apps. Isn't it better?

The Duchess Of Cambridge Is A Pro At This Ping-Pong Thing

Kate Middleton is bad at ping-pong
Kate Middleton visited Bacon’s College in Rotherhithe in southeast London yesterday to do some Olympics-related promotion, and — because why not? — engaged in some good ol’ table tennis. Her Royal Highness proved most excellent. Good on you, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. (H/T Alicia) Youku video for those in China after the jump. Buzzfeed is also on... Read more »

The Chinese In America: This Poet-Ping-Pong Champion Is Awesome

Chinese poet ping pong champion featured image
His name is Xue Di, and according to the Providence Journal, he is a dissident Chinese poet who has been "the league champion at the Rhode Island Table Tennis Association in Manville" for 10 straight years. How do we start listing the ways in which this is awesome? With his voice, which rises a few octaves when he gets excited? With the fact that this video is entirely about ping pong?