Ping Pong Played By Competitive 80-Plus-Year-Olds Really Is Adorable

At one point in this preview, 100-year-old Aussie Dorothy DeLow is interviewed in English by someone who sounds Chinese. “Why are you participating in this competition?” comes the question. DeLow grunts. “You’re so old!” the questioner adds.

Without missing a beat, Dot replies, “I’m not that old.”

And then everyone claps while Dot flashes an open-mouthed, silent laugh, and that’s when you’re sold: this feature documentary by Hugh and Anson Hartford, Ping Pong, is one to watch. It premiered on Friday in the UK, and as soon as it hits China’s DVD stores, we’ll let you know.

The movie follows eight competitive ping pong players from around the world who traveled to Inner Mongolia last year to compete in the Over 80s Table Tennis Championships. Everything about it looks amazing. Go check out some of the bios of the film’s stars, and also this Atlantic interview conducted by Kasia Cieplak-Mayr von Baldegg with Hugh Hartford. If you’ve already seen the movie, drop us a line, because we’d love to hear about it.

After the jump, a reminder that ping pong is awesome.

A Killerspin video uploaded on January 8, 2007, with 12.4 million views:

    One Response to “Ping Pong Played By Competitive 80-Plus-Year-Olds Really Is Adorable”

    1. carl carnes

      the life-saving exercise of table tennis is amazing,I too
      am 83 yrs old & love the fast movements,eye hand coordination,fun & constant game efficiency.Take chances
      & improve one game,a win win in Apison this time,looking for regular table tennis players.
      I wonder how many thousands would come to life if they started some exercise like this? thanks for the video


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