Team China Once Again Beats Everyone At World Table Tennis Championships

Chinese men's team wins table tennis ping pong championship
For the seventh consecutive year on Monday, the Chinese men's ping-pong team won the Swaythling Cup. (Apparently familiarity doesn't make the trophy any less awkward to handle.) It's the 19th time they've finished first at the World Table Tennis Championships, which was held this time in Tokyo. The Chinese women's team, not to be outdone, also won -- also its 19th team title at this worlds competition. The women have lost only twice since 1975.

China Wants Fewer Sensationalist Anti-Japanese Dramas, For Some Reason

Anti-Japanese dramas too sensationalisticrack down
Even Chinese television execs know when too much is too much, apparently. "China's television regulator has ordered a crack down on dramas about the country's battles with Japan during and before World War Two and demanded they be more serious, state media said on Friday, following viewer complaints about ludicrous storylines," Reuters reports.

Finish Him! Japanese Soldier Cleaved Twain

Finish him Japanese soldier cleaved
In a scene that would make even the producers of the Starz original series Spartacus reel, check out this Chinese warrior literally tear a Japanese soldier in half. As described by Ministry of Tofu: Chinese-made anti-Japanese patriotic television dramas have been the object of an awful lot of ridicule on Sina Weibo, the Chinese twitter, after netizens... Read more »

Migrant Workers Hold Managers Hostage, May Have Been Upset Over Chinese Acquisition Of This Japanese Company

Shanghai Shinmei Electronics
It’s good to see such a public account of the Chinese and Japanese standing in solidarity for once… against an angry horde of 1,000 migrant workers demanding equal regulations. Beginning early Friday morning, employees of Japanese electronic appliance maker Shanghai Shinmei Electric besieged a factory in Shanghai and held 18 Chinese and Japanese managers hostage, including... Read more »