Watch: Kevin Garnett Plays Ping-Pong Against World Champion Wang Hao

NBA star Kevin Garnett was in China last month to promote his new Anta shoe, the KG III, and it appears that his itinerary included a trip to the set of The Generation Show《年代秀》. He was joined in the studio that day by another major star athlete in China, ping-pong world champion Wang Hao. Naturally, the two played a rally. Naturally, Wang Hao used his off-hand, and still had to take it extra easy on the Boston power forward. And naturally, Wang Hao won the point. (This episode just aired on Friday.)

But just as importantly, everyone looked like they had a lot of fun, par for the course for KG. As the Celtics fan site Red’s Army notes about Garnett’s trip, “I honestly think that KG had more fun in China than his fans did. He brought his energy and emotion to each appearance and event.” Oh, and he speaks better Chinese than Lebron James, and plays better ping-pong than Kate Middleton. Youku video for those in China after the jump.

(H/T Alicia)

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