Africans In Guangzhou Protest After Nigerian Dies In Police Custody [UPDATE]

Africans in Guangzhou
Update, 6/21, 1:02 am: Please see after the jump. 1:15 am: Videos of the protest have surfaced. Here’s a good one. The Chinese blogosphere, specifically Weibo, is abuzz after an incident yesterday involving an African expat, believed to be Nigerian, in Guangzhou. Specifically, he died in police custody. According to Tea Leaf Nation: One netizen, @GingerYip reports, “According... Read more »

Some Guo’an Soccer Fans Lost Their Minds After Saturday’s Scoreless Draw In Beijing

Jaguar at Gongti 2
Proving that hell hath no fury like a soccer fan whose team just earned an unexpected result, Beijing Guo’an fans poured into the street outside Workers Stadium — a very, very busy street, mind you — after Saturday’s 0-0 draw to Qingdao Zhongneng and acted like riotous hooligans. Although the “near-riot,” as Global Times describes... Read more »

Today In Shitty Journalism: Huff Post, Business Insider And Bloomberg TV Follow The Blind

Foxconn "riot"
Eric Fish of Sinostand basically said all I wanted to in his post earlier today, “Foxconn: A Very Quiet Riot“: Over the past day or so several foreign media outlets including Huffington Post, Business Insider and Bloomberg TV have been reporting that dozens of workers at a Foxconn factory in Chengdu were arrested after clashing with security at a dormitory.... Read more »