Chinese New Year Wishes From The British And US Consulate Generals In Hong Kong – Traditional Style

Chinese New Year wishes featured image
Recently, Lunar New Year Messages from the British Consulate General in Hong Kong and Macau have been among the most talked about videos in Hong Kong. The total views, including both Cantonese and English (above) versions, have surpassed 85,000 in four days. Not surprisingly, it’s the Cantonese version that's drawn the most attention. It’s not just because Caroline Wilson, the British Consul General to Hong Kong and Macau, speaks in Cantonese, but because she writes in traditional Chinese.

‘Twas The Day Before Chunjie, By Sarah Peel

Sarah Peel Twas the night before Chunjie
Sarah Peel wins the day. The self-described “cocktail lover, single mom, singer, casual yogini, opinionated Asia watcher, and a master of the preschool dark arts” has just completed tweeting a 27-part homage to Spring Festival. Like Dickens, it’s meant to be read in serial, but if you missed it, here it is all in one place:

Cui Jian To Play Hunan Satellite New Year’s Eve Gala, Representatives Deny Duet With PSY

Cui Jian
While CCTV insists on appealing to the largest demographic and sucking, we’d like to remind everyone that Hunan Satellite TV has decided to take a chance on mainland rock’s alpha and omega, Cui Jian, to perform on its New Year’s “Mango” Gala on February 4 (7:30 pm). Rumors have been flying in the press that Cui would “likely not be playing his famous... Read more »

Trojan virus infects China’s train ticketing website

The East is Read
As if the stress of participating in the world’s largest human migration weren’t enough, Spring Festival travelers have one more thing to worry about. Hangzhou-based Qianjiang Evening Post reports that a woman named Xiao Qiao recently downloaded a Trojan while trying to buy a ticket from the Ministry of Railways official ticketing site — “which... Read more »