People’s Daily Seeks “Immediate Rectification” From Parody Account @RelevantOrgans

People's Daily vs Relevant Organs
People's Daily, the gift that keeps on giving, did a most glorious thing at 1:39 am today by "publicly condemn[ing]" a parody Twitter account, The Relevant Organs. "We have noticed that a Twitter account has been misleading people by stealing People's Daily 's web address and National emblem of China to make false impression that the account is related to China officials or People's Daily," reads PD's tweeted statement.

Will Someone Please Say Hello To Hairong Ma?

Hairong Ma says hello
Hairong Ma is a Chinese artist based in Baotou, Inner Mongolia. You can check out his work here -- they include paintings with lots of bright, bright colors, such as the above. But we haven't spent much time with his pieces and can't tell you much more about them (they're really bright). What we do want to talk about, however, is his Twitter account.

Hail And Serein: The Amazing Storm That Just Swept Through Beijing

Hail and serein
That was quite the collective experience, Beijing. An hour ago, a dam in the sky broke. Rain turned into pellets of ice, the sound of its steady assault only interrupted by thunderclap that set off car alarms. One imagines Qu Yuan sitting somewhere with his feet propped up, enjoying the show. As quickly as the storm came, it departed -- but not before the sun shone out of a hole while the clouds were wrung dry. Now it is quiet, the singing of birds and rustling leaves beginning to fade amid the resumption of human activity, vehicles, construction.

Not Everyone Is Pleased With Ai Weiwei’s New Music Video

Ai Weiwei checking Twitter reactions
You've heard by now, but Ai Weiwei did something yesterday. And while most reactions to Dumbass, his foul-mouthed song about his 81 days in prison, were predictably enthusiastic, there's a segment of commentators who believe Ai Weiwei is overexposed, and have reacted with what amounts to a protracted and very loud sigh.

Someone Wrote Another “Why I’m Leaving China Column,” And CNN Actually Published It

Marc van der Chijs
Marc van der Chijs, a successful businessman and entrepreneur who co-founded Tudou, is leaving China, and he thought you should know about it. Because he’s leaving China. Or have you not heard? No? Huh, that’s weird. Anyway, he’s leaving, and CNN Money published his farewell letter, so now you know. Basically, Marc van der Chijs is... Read more »

‘Twas The Day Before Chunjie, By Sarah Peel

Sarah Peel Twas the night before Chunjie
Sarah Peel wins the day. The self-described “cocktail lover, single mom, singer, casual yogini, opinionated Asia watcher, and a master of the preschool dark arts” has just completed tweeting a 27-part homage to Spring Festival. Like Dickens, it’s meant to be read in serial, but if you missed it, here it is all in one place:

If You’re In China And Haven’t Been Tweeted At By @chinesetutorbei Yet, Don’t Worry: You Will Be

Mesi Chinese
If you write about China, are slightly Asian, live here, or have generally anything to do with this country, there’s a decent chance you know Mesi Chinese, a.k.a. @chinesetutorbei. That’s because she — it — has been on a one-person rampage to find out whether you — yes, you – want to have a Chinese language partner... Read more »

Everyone Is Anxiously Awaiting The Announcement Of China’s New Leaders

Great Hall of the People
Twenty minutes past time, and no sign of Xi Jinping, Li Keqiang, et al. But don’t freak out: join in on the fun. Twitter is at #WhyXiJinpingIsLate, and it’s lively. Featuring… Andrea Yu Mikhail Gorbachev The ghost of Mao Zedong The ghost of Jiang Zemin — even though he isn’t dead George W. Bush Clint Eastwood... Read more »

Tweet From China: “Obama Uses Twitter To Show Off His Victory; I Can’t Log On My Freaking Email. Do We Live On The Same Earth?”

Twitter election
Image via Digital Trends Four more years for the big guy in charge. If you’re interested in how China reacted to Barack Obama’s win yesterday, we’ll offer this post by Tea Leaf Nation, which translates several reactions from Sina Weibo, which is China’s Twitter. But plenty of China watchers were tweeting on actual Twitter, too.... Read more »

Reactions Various And Sundry To Mo Yan’s Controversial Nobel Prize Win

Mo Yan
The blitz is on. Eighteen hours after Mo Yan’s historic win of the Nobel Prize in Literature, a shedload of articles have appeared analyzing, praising, criticizing, and explaining what it all means to China, the Nobel Committee, literature, politics, activism, free speech, publishing, Ai Weiwei, and the world. If you’re looking for a straight write-up,... Read more »

“Christ, Xinhua, It’s FRIDAY NIGHT” And Other Tweets From Foreign Correspondents

Xinhua and foreign correspondents
“A fair few were drunks, philanderers and frauds and more than one was a spy,” writes Paul French in Through the Looking Glass, a book about China’s foreign correspondents from the Opium Wars to Mao. “They changed sides, they lost their impartiality, they displayed bias and a few were downright scoundrels and lairs of the... Read more »

Ain’t No Sunshine When Xi’s Gone: The Quest To Find China’s Future President

Is Xi Jinping in Paradise City?
Presumptive Chinese president Xi Jinping has gone missing. He cancelled high-level meetings with Hillary Clinton and Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong last week, and HOLY CRAP FREAK OFF PANTS OFF. Normally rational media organizations such as the Associated bleepin’ Press have published sentences such as, “More dramatically, the U.S.-based website cited an unidentified source inside Zhongnanhai as saying... Read more »

Yang Rui And Charlie Custer In Flame War, Sorta

Flame war! Until I figure out how to embed javascript, here’s the Storify link [UPDATE, 8/7: I've figured out how to embed Storify]. Basically, Yang Rui is upset at China Geeks‘ Charlie Custer, who has decided to lay low instead of engaging in a true flame war on Sina Weibo with the CCTV host. Yang could use a... Read more »