The Situation Is Excellent: The Week That Was At Beijing Cream

May 7 – May 13

Global Times’s done it: angered TAR Nation for real. His column this week about Chen Guangcheng got linked to by James Fallows, among others. A British national wound up on video doing ignominious things – possibly attempted sexual assault. The last we see of him is on the ground, apparently passed out, while a cop car pulls up.

Al-Jazeera reporter Melissa Chan was effectively kicked out of China, while Mike Sui continues to terrorize Chinese social media. Meanwhile, the Associated Press reported — somewhat dubiously — that capsules intercepted from China to South Korea contained human flesh, and Global Times writes about poker, sorta.

Some called this boy on a bike Moscow’s version of Tank Man — and then, realizing this was silly, they stopped calling him that. Here are neat graphic designs from China circa 1930s, here’s a man driving a sofa chair, and here are toddlers dancing on a sidewalk in Beijing. A Hubei patient really didn’t like his surgeon, as he rose from the table to attack him. Also, a reminder that cowgirl sex is not allowed on cable cars in Henan.

The 1st annual Beijing Cream Bar and Club Awards were announced Monday, and voting is open until Wednesday, May 16. Thanks to all our guest columnists:

As always, thank you for reading.

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