Trojan virus infects China’s train ticketing website

As if the stress of participating in the world’s largest human migration weren’t enough, Spring Festival travelers have one more thing to worry about. Hangzhou-based Qianjiang Evening Post reports that a woman named Xiao Qiao recently downloaded a Trojan while trying to buy a ticket from the Ministry of Railways official ticketing site — “which comes buried with downloads of other software” — and found herself charged 1,730 yuan for a 152-yuan ticket.

“I checked everything, the train, the fare… I checked over and over again, afraid of making any mistake,” she said.

Xiao Qiao said that her payment concluded with two different pages telling her simultaneously that she had both failed and successfully paid her fare. She then received a text message from a bank notifying her that 1,728 yuan had been deducted from her account and transferred to a bank in Shenzhen.

The brief doesn’t tell us if Xiao was able to recover her money, or how many people were similarly duped. But on top of all the other problems has, this latest surely won’t make anyone more comfortable with the idea of online purchasing.

Trojans infect China’s ticketing software (Sina/Agencies, h/t Alicia)

    2 Responses to “Trojan virus infects China’s train ticketing website”

    1. Fred

      Sounds more to me like someone was using a buying app that was designed to rip off the users. 12306, apart from a security certificate, doesn’t have any downloads at all. Either that, or they got themselves infected with a different virus. Doesn’t really have much to do with the website itself though.

    2. Chackie Jan

      Right, what Fred said. She was too sexy for her ticket, too sexy for her ticket by far. So they charged her more.


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