Can Unfunny Be Awesome? When It’s A Commercial About Panda Cabs With Royal Family Impersonators, Yes

I’m embarrassed to have gone so long without posting this, but last month, Chengdu tourism officials created a commercial promoting black-and-white “panda cabs” in London using Kate Middleton, Prince William, and the Queen impersonators, and the Daily Mail tells us, in its article yesterday, that Britons aren’t too happy about it. Is it because the... Read more »

Another Pedestrian Falls Through Sidewalk In China, This Time On Video

Fall down sidewalk featured image
"What is it with people falling through the sidewalk in China?" asks Katie, who brought my attention to the above, which happened in Xi'an, Shaanxi province. Remember the woman in Beijing who was plunged into boiling water when the ground inexplicably gave out from under her feet? How can you not remember. Sidewalk. Walking. SUBMERGED BY SCALDING WATER. DISASTER. She would perish from her injuries, which we were told included her skin and flesh getting “almost separated.”

Breaking: Beijing Taxi Fuel Surcharge Increases To 3 Yuan, Effective Tomorrow

Beijing cab
Starting tomorrow, taxis will charge 3 yuan instead of 2 yuan for distances over 3 kilometers. According to CNR, this regulation was approved by the Beijing Municipal Government in accordance with the National Development and Reform Commission’s increase in the price of refined oil to 600 yuan per ton on March 20. Before your eyes glaze over... Read more »