Another Pedestrian Falls Through Sidewalk In China, This Time On Video

“What is it with people falling through the sidewalk in China?” asks Katie, who brought my attention to the above, which happened in Xi’an, Shaanxi province. Remember the woman in Beijing who was plunged into boiling water when the ground inexplicably gave out from under her feet? How can you not remember. Sidewalk. Walking. SUBMERGED BY SCALDING WATER. DISASTER. She would perish from her injuries, which we were told included her skin and flesh getting “almost separated.”

The girl in the above video — Youku version for those in China after the jump — fell about six meters, but fortunately not into flaying liquid. A nearby taxi driver who saw the thing unfold immediately tried to help, and eventually the girl was pulled out and declared OK. That’s the good news. The bad news: Now we have confirmation that sidewalks are unsafe. What next, falling anvils? How next will death conspire to end our mortal coils by the most indecorous devices?

    5 Responses to “Another Pedestrian Falls Through Sidewalk In China, This Time On Video”

    1. comm2531Amphibs

      Which way did she go? She went thataway, ooops, she was just there a minute ago. All 90 pounds of her including her cell phone. Lucky girl.

    2. Stephan Larose

      Wow, a Chinese person actually went out of their way to help another Chinese person? I’ve lived here 10 years, and that may be the first time I actually see that. Bravo Mr. Taxi driver, I hope everyone else here learns something from you!


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