Where Is Chen Guangcheng Right Now? Maybe Beijing

CGC is at the Bird's Nest
Reuters (and everyone else) is reporting that “blind Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng is under U.S. protection in Beijing”: Texas-based ChinaAid said it “learned from a source close to the Chen Guangcheng situation that Chen is under U.S. protection and high level talks are currently under way between U.S. and Chinese officials regarding Chen’s status.” All of this is unconfirmed, but healthy... Read more »

Where Is Chen Guangcheng Right Now? Kunming (Also, He Speaks On Video)

On his way from Dali to Kunming, the blind activist lawyer Chen Guangcheng made the bus driver pull over so he could personally pull a truck out of a roadside ditch. As the truck held several rows of cages containing dogs headed to the slaughterhouse, Chen convinced the driver of the virtues of “man’s best... Read more »