Spyware Detected On iPhone And iPad Given To Chen Guangcheng

Bob Fu and Chen Guangcheng
The Chen Guangcheng saga sags deeper into a marsh of disappointment and sadness every day. The latest news, reported by Reuters, is that spyware was found on his phone and tablet, given to him by his "supporters." But wait. The source of the story is NYU professor Jerome Cohen, who, if you haven't been getting the drift recently, hates certain of Chen's "supporters" -- people like Bob Fu, who runs the evangelist Christian group ChinaAid. Reuters:

Jerome Cohen And Others Respond To Chen Guangcheng, More Sternly

Blind Chinese Activist Chen Guangcheng Arrives In United States
Regarding Chen Guangcheng's exit from NYU, we acknowledge that there's a chance he and his camp know something the rest of us don't. Yet if there is evidence of coercion from Beijing, neither Chen nor anyone else has been able to present any. "Chen did not respond to repeated requests for evidence of his claims," reports SCMP. In the same article, NYU professor Jerome Cohen gave perhaps the most withering sound bite yet about this situation:

Chen Guangcheng Is Being Asked To Leave NYU, And We Should All Be Okay With That

Chen Guangcheng in New York
Last May, lawyer-activist Chen Guangcheng was a media darling and international hero. His dramatic escape from the village of Dongshigu, where he was held under house arrest, made headlines around the wrold. After the US granted him asylum, one magazine recognized him as "rebel of the year." He was later honored with the Lantos Human Rights Prize. But as time went on, something changed. Or rather, Chen failed to. With each video, each interview, we heard more of the same, the same not-so-subtle name-drops, the same message, with phrases such as "the red terror envelops the nation."

Chen Guangcheng’s Brother Says His House Is Being Besieged By Rocks, Bottles, And Dead Poultry

Chen Guangfu
Authorities still don’t get it. It’s over. Chen Guangcheng is gone. He’s in the hands of overseas activists now, and hasn’t said a thing that was new or interesting since winning the Lantos Human Rights Prize in late January. In other words, stop doing THIS SHIT: Security personnel in eastern China are carrying out a nightly harassment campaign... Read more »

Chen Guangcheng Receives Lantos Human Rights Prize, Speaks At Washington National Cathedral

Chen Guangcheng Lantos Prize
On Tuesday night, Chen Guangcheng received the Tom Lantos Human Rights Prize in Washington DC and delivered a 22-minute speech that was greeted with a standing ovation. Speaking at the National Cathedral, he called himself “lucky” to have received “care and kindness from people around the world” despite the persecution he faced at home; he talked... Read more »

Chen Guangcheng, In Video Address To Observe World Human Rights Day, Calls For Accountability, Release Of Political Prisoners

Chen Guangcheng human rights address featured image
Chen Guangcheng, in a measured, carefully scripted nine-and-a-half minute speech that was just released on YouTube, name-drops two dozen activists and dissidents while calling on world leaders to focus more attention on China's human rights. "Dear Mr. Xi Jinping, the whole nation is watching you," he says. "Whether you will follow the call of heaven and people to carry out reform, or kidnap the government and maintain the power of the Communist Party, is a matter of whether China will have the transition in a peaceful way or a violent way."

As If We Needed More Proof Of Dongshigu Officials’ Incompetence, Chen Guangcheng’s Elder Brother Has Escaped As Well [UPDATE]

David Gray / REUTERS
Here's Tania Branigan of the Guardian: The brother of the Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng has fled his family's captors in a second audacious escape from their village in eastern China. Chen Guangfu arrived in Beijing early on Thursday morning after breaking out of Dongshigu, where relatives have been living under tight guard since his brother, who is blind, fled to the US embassy in Beijing last month, according to lawyers in the capital.

News Of The Weekend: Chen Guangcheng In New York

CGC in New York
Chen Guangcheng arrived in New York on Saturday. The bow-tied man in the above screen capture from this video is Jerome Cohen, Chinese law expert at New York University, who shepherded Chen through all manners of obstruction and has secured him a fellowship to study at NYU. After the jump, links to the latest CGC stories,... Read more »

Yishus: The Aesthetics Of Chen Guangcheng

Chen Guangcheng is hot
Chen Guangcheng may be leaving China soon, as passports are expected to be issued to his family “within 15 days,” he said, according to the Telegraph. At least one BJC contributor is sad to see him go. By Lola B For the past couple of weeks, scrolling through windows of China news, the only face... Read more »

Mitt Romney References Chen Guangcheng, Begins To Sound A Lot Like Chinese Foreign Ministry

Mitt Romney
Pic via National Confidential There is, to be sure, an Eric Esch-sized body of evidence that Mitt Romney is a louse, but I think the scurvy wellspring of his suckiness can essentially be summed up as such: he is the archetypal American politician (no, I don’t care that he’s Mormon), and if you identified him as such,... Read more »

A Collection Of Chen Guangcheng Images And Memes

Chen Guangcheng and Batman
Kate Woodsome from Voice of America has put together a collection of Chen Guangcheng images on Storify, a meticulously sourced list that I’m sure will continue to grow. A reader passed along this petition urging the U.S. to provide asylum for Chen. And if you’re able to flip over the Great Firewall, check out 墨镜.肖像 Dark... Read more »