Friday Night Musical Outro: SVBKVLT Of Personality

Once more into the breach, my friends. It’s Friday night and… there’s pretty much fuck all to do in Beijing. Pretty quiet weekend for live music, save for a few bits and pieces here and there. Could be worse though. Hey Beijing, at least there is exactly zero Limp Bizkit and Korn concerts happening in the city this weekend. That’s alright, eh!

Welp. Here’s a bunch of random items of interest:

- PK14′s new album 1984 is streaming right here.

- Skip Skip Ben Ben’s Ben Ben (that was fun to type) is celebrating her birthday on Saturday at School Bar. You should go and say happy birthday to her and tell her she’s in a good band.

- Cock rock band Jacky Danny was supposed to play at Temple on Saturday. They canceled. I met the drummer for the replacement band on the street yesterday and he said they might do a cover of “Take the Skinheads Bowling” by Camper Van Beethoven. That’s righteous.

- Pretty neat mix right here. If you were paying attention back in 2009, you would have seen this massive experimental music comp released out on Sub Rosa – An Anthology of Chinese Experimental Music 1992-2008, compiled by HK-based composer / producer / whatever Dickson Dee. Anyways, the mix linked above is a UK via Shanghai DJ who trimmed down the 9,000,000 hours worth of noise on those 4 discs into a slick 50 minutes. Efficiency! Worth a taste.

Also, check out the single review of that experimental comp. One star!

“If you like to hear toast being scraped while a dentists drill screams in the background then this compilation is for you.” How fuckin’ rad is that, eh!


Blah, blah, blah. The featured video up there is a music viddy for Shanghai-based house DJ-cum-noise producer Laura Ingalls. (A dude named Laura, yeah.) It was put together by Shanghai-based video artist Tina Blakeney, a very wonderful and talented person herself. This is one of the tracks off his cassette release out now on Shanghai-based bass and whatever music label SVBKVLT. Said label is pretty brand new, but they’ve already have a few cassette releases (beat tapes, rather) and are kicking out their first vinyl releases next month or so. If you like bass music, future music, noise music, strange frequencies, boundary-pushing stuff, bookmark that page and get on their mailing list. Pretty cool shit and worth your time, in my opinion.

Have a turbo sweet weekend.

Morgan is the editor of Smart Beijing and fake DJs around town. Suggestions for Friday Music Send Outs and feedback to

    6 Responses to “Friday Night Musical Outro: SVBKVLT Of Personality”

    1. King Tubby

      Every lame arse western band (and these two are beyond fucking dreadful) are topping up their super schemes with a Beijing gig. Rehah. The fat farm and lets practice our stage postures and then clean up in the Orient.

      Fuck, you could sell Bejings so-called young and restless kitty litter and tell them its Bolivian marching dust. Gormless fucks.

      In fact, 99% of the music featured on this site is dated, derivative dog shit.

      Stick to Cats, guys. Know your limitations.

    2. King Tubby

      Never support an English Premier League team which begins with S and never ever take your musical guidance from anyone called Morgan.

      I’ve met a half dozen Morgan’s in my life, and they were all empty vacuous scumbags with little to offer other than ephemeral observations which never survive the next visit to the can.

      “Ah gee KT, I live in Beijing and I’m a really fucking crucial, fly-type dude”.


    3. King Tubby

      Come on Morgan. Pop your head over the parapet.

      Do we have low self esteem?

      You must be an English teacher in real life.


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