Incredible Sights And Sounds From The Tianjin Warehouse Explosion

Tianjin was woken last night by a massive warehouse explosion that killed at least 44 and injured 500 others — numbers which will surely rise in the coming days. As authorities investigate the cause — was it arson? — we sit here sifting through some amazing photos and videos of the incident. You may have seen some of these already. But they’re worth another look.

Tianjin explosion

From social media:

Tianjin explosion Tianjin explosion 2 Tianjin explosion 3 Tianjin explosion 4

From BBC: Tianjin explosion 2   Seattle PI: Tianjin explosion 3 Globe and Mail: Tianjini explosion 4

UPDATE, 8/16, 4:56 pm: One of the crazier explosion videos yet:

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