Friday Night Musical Outro: Ride The Dino

Something a bit different this week. Movie trailer instead of music video. This is the trailer to Dinosaur Rider, a movie “adapted from real events” about Beijing’s “most hardcore punk band,” Bedstars. The grand opening night, film screening, launch, debut, gala party, whatever-it-is, is tonight at 9 pm at XP. No entry fee. You should check this movie out. Greasy degenerate punk rockers on the big screen. Beijing pride.

Kind of strange actually. I gather this movie, Dinosaur Rider, is about Bedstars, staring the band actually playing themselves, but it’s also scripted and staged. It’s a somewhat fictionalized narrative as opposed to a documentary. Anyways, it’s the story of the band and the shenanigans they get up to, rocking and rolling as they do. Judging by the trailer, there’s plenty of smokin’ ciggies, gettin’ into fights, and nailin’ birds who work in record stores. Good times. It was, of course, filmed in Beijing, last year or so, I think. In one scene the band is playing a rock show at Mao Livehouse. They did an open casting call for extras for that scene a while back. Did you go to that? Here’s your chance to see if you made the final cut.

Not sure if Bedstars is going to be performing tonight after the movie, but they’re definitely back on the XP stage on Saturday night, opening for Skip Skip Ben Ben. That should be a good one. Guess XP has forgiven the band for dousing the place with a fire extinguisher a few weeks back.

Hey, the kids are alright…

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