Friday Night Musical Outro: Hip To Be Square

Some Old Time American porch music this week, in anticipation of Friday night’s big “Roots Rage” show down at Mako Livehouse. The gentleman on the fiddle is Michael Ismerio, visiting us in Beijing from North Carolina. He’s been gigging around town, sitting in with the Yellow Hutong Weasels and others, doing roots music workshops, playing shows, and calling square dances. Serious. He was the caller at last night’s square dance at the Home Plate BBQ Sanlitun preview dinner. Goes something like this. Dare to be square, man.

Ismerio is a pretty interesting guy. With a performing and recording history in Old Time music that goes back to the late 90s, he’s on a slew of records with various acts over the years — check those releases out here – and he’s also a veteran train hopper, zine maker, an ex-record store owner, and a community activist of sorts. Read his full story here. A well-traveled man indeed.

Anyways, Ismerio is on the bill for Roots Rage, which is basically every Americana / Old Time band in Beijing on one bill, down at Mako Livehouse for Friday night — tonight, that is. It’s a bill that should draw out every beard and plaid shirt for miles, stompin’ boots, partying like it’s 1899. Randy Able Stable, Hutong Yellow Weasels, and The Confectionairies. 50 rmb cover. That’s the jam this weekend. Giddyup.

Morgan is the editor of Smart Beijing and fake DJs around town. Suggestions for Friday Music Send Outs and feedback to

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